Dog Food for Chihuahua

7 Best Dog Food for Chihuahua – Why and How?

Dogs are simply love. They have many breeds. And the popular ones are Chihuahua, German Shephard, and Labrador. All these breeds need different meal plans, nutritional count, and dog food. Reasons to give particular dog food is to meet their body needs. In this article, we have catered seven products which are considered best dog food for Chihuahua.

7 Best Dog Food for Chihuahua

Before moving on to the products, it is important to know certain facts about this breed. Chihuahua is a breed which demands proper feeding. Points which you have to understand in detail are mentioned below:


The foremost aspect hardly ignored is its quality. High quality food which is mostly dry is preferred.


Diet with high salt is harmful for Chihuahua. Therefore, you have to be extra cautious about it. High salt diet can lead to kidney and heart diseases in a dog.

Over feeding:

Over eating is only possible after over feeding. Being vigilant about the intake is mandatory.

Human diet:

You simply can never think of feeding Chihuahua the leftover food. Human food may cause serious harm to their body.

Poisonous food items:

You simply can never think of feeding Chihuahua the leftover food. Human food may cause serious harm to their body.

There are many other points which need your attention.

7 Best Dog Food for Chihuahua – Experts Choice

Below are 7 different products which are best for the Chihuahua breed of dogs.They are formulated according to the body requirements of Chihuahua. Nutritional values are tested and researched. And proven to be appropriate for the dog. Prices are such that anyone can afford these products.

Ratings are as per the unbiased views about these 7 best dog food for Chihuahua.All the reviews and verdicts are of our team members. They have worked really hard to come up with their take on them. Hope you will get benefited from the information provided below.

1. Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dry Dog Food:

best dog food for chihuahua Flavors are not only liked by humans. Even animals’ taste buds work pretty fine. Therefore, you must have seen different flavors of dog foods. Likewise, this product has few flavors. But, interestingly all of them are grain free. Hence the name. Following are some of them:

  • Beef with bison
  • Potato and turkey
  • Sweet potato and salmon
  • Sizes vary from 3.5 28 pounds. Other than that all the ingredients used in the product are hundred percent organic.

Salmon and sweet potato recipe doesn’t include anything but real salmon. There are no grains or gluten. Instead of those intoxicating ingredients, the blend is balanced with vitamins, wholesome veggies and minerals. These nutrients and ingredient helps in keeping a complete check and balance of dog’s requirement.

  • Organic turkey is used in the ingredients.

  • By-products of animals aren’t used.

  • No Gluten.

  • No Grains.

  • No Artificial colors.

  • No Artificial flavors.

  • No use of preservatives.

  • It is enriched in minerals and vitamins.

  • NO

Apparently there is no disadvantage of the product. It has everything a pet owner would in a dog food.
Our Team’s Take on the Product: Our team members are the point that this product is so far the best dog food. And the reason which they give is to have everything whatever any excellent quality dog food may require. It has flavors, comes in perfect sizes and all the ingredients are organic. What else will a person need to fulfill the wants of a dog?

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2. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Chihuahua Adult dry dog food: best dog food chihuahua

Another best dog food for Chihuahua is Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition. It comes in two different sizes – 2.5 and 10 pounds. Since Chihuahua are very small in size, their teeth are smaller than many other breeds of dogs. For that, they have introduced a feature of customizing kibble.

Kibbles are tailored according to the need. But to know the reason is important too. Well, the answer to it is simple. Chihuahua are typically known for fussy appetite and low hunger.

So, this feature of customized kibble has made it an excellent product for the dogs of this breed. Following are some advantages, disadvantages, and other necessary information:

  • Kibble is customized according to the size of Chihuahua. It helps in satisfying the chintzy cravings.
  • It assists in removing the odor of feces.
  • Digestion is strengthened. It helps in digesting carbohydrates, proteins, and fibers.
  • Volume of fecal smell is also reduced.
  • Coat of Chihuahua becomes healthy. It is major because of omega fatty acids (3 and 6). Biotin is also integrated which helps in maintaining coat.
  • It is a balanced diet for the dogs of this breed.
  • Artificial aroma is added to provide enough hunger stimulation for the dogs.
  • Selected flavors are also included. It gives the feeling of eating something exactly like it.

Our Team’s Take on the Product: According to our team members, it is one of those dog foods which comes with an entire package of goodness. There is hardly any flaw or disadvantage. However, the ones which are mentioned as disadvantages are quite compromisable. Besides that, one of the team members found the massive change in the fur or coat of his pet. He said, his dog had very less coat which grew with time and is very healthy now. It always shines as if he had taken a bath.

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3. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food:

Nutrients of this product include protein, fats, and carbohydrates. There are several ingredients. Out of which some are primary and then secondary. Among the essential ingredients they have is chicken and its by-products. Potatoes are also used in the formula for a carb rich diet.

The number of ingredients are used in this dog food. Those include salmon, fruits, and veggies, turkey and chicken. Protein is found in abundance in this dog food. It brings a sudden boost of energy and digestion. Moreover, it contains probiotics and antioxidants. Flax Omega makes the coat of Chihuahua shinier. Therefore, the ingredients are such which further assist to have complete skin, coat, and overall health protection.

  • There is no trace of grain.
  • Completely balanced product from each and every aspect.
  • This product serves best to smaller breeds. Because of the small sized kibbles.

  • No Artificial colors.

  • No Artificial flavors.

  • No Preservatives.

  • No Wheat.

  • No Soy.

  • No Corn.

  • No By-products of meat.

  • Apparently, there are no disadvantages of the product.

Our Team’s Take on the Product:
Team members are of the view that Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food contains all nutrients in a balanced manner. Besides that, it also uplifts the mood of dogs after every meal. They are not grumpy or whiny.

This dog food stands out from the remaining lot. Because all the ingredients are perfectly combined. It provides the adequate amount of the main ingredient, let it be chicken or potatoes. These facts have been noticed in the health of a dog.

Other members of the team are of the view that it is among those products which can never have any side effect on our pets. But, at times when they are sick and we keep on feeding them, becomes the problem.

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4. Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Natural Dry Dog Food: best dog food for chihuahua puppy

Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Natural Dry Dog Food contains 514 in every serving of a cup. Some flavors which are highly liked by the dogs and their owners are:

Turkey and oatmeal Chicken and rice Besides flavors, this dog food comes in different sizes. Those include two pounds, four pounds, eleven pounds and twelve pounds. It is the custodian of nurturing and nourishing dog’s complete health plan. Everything used in the product is just too awesome.

And we call it as awesome dog food because it has balanced nutrition. It is completely organic. And contains high quality ingredients. Price and ratings are dependent on pros and cons which are mentioned below in detail.

  • Least possible ingredients are used in this dog food.
  • Kibble size is according to the need of small sized dogs.
  • Energy level of dogs is maintained by the help of rightly proportioned calories (of proteins, carbs, and fats).
  • Coats of Chihuahua dogs become healthier after taking this dog food for a month.
  • Canola oil and omega fatty acids enable them to have the better-layered coat.
  • No artificial flavors, colors or aroma is seen in this product.
  • Last but not the least it is packed beautifully.
  • Kibble size is too small, But this is not the big con.
  • Our Team’s Take on the Product:
  • Our special team designed to do a complete analysis has come to the conclusion that it has many flavors and is considered best for Chihuahua. Because of tested and qualified ingredients, the importance of the product has increased.

Moreover, flavoring and aroma is not added artificially. Extra hormones are not added. However, there is not a single drop of hormones which are used in this product. Lastly, it doesn’t have poisonous acids or colors.

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5. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food: best dog food for chihuahua with allergies

Next, in the list of best dog food for Chihuahua is Blue Buffalo Life Protection. Adult dogs are given it. However, it is not so. Because of the reality that it comes with different packaging and requirements. So, the stance on it is completely negated.

Moreover, is comes in various flavors. All of them are organic and without any artificial agent. Aroma, color and taste, all come from very organic sources. Not a single drop of toxic ingredients are used to fulfill the nutritious benefits. Following sizes of Blue Buffalo Life Protector are:

  • Four pounds
  • Six pounds
  • Fifteen pounds
  • Thirty pounds

Below are some verdicts of our team members. Again all of them are mentioned without being biased. Those conclusions are given on the basis of advantages, disadvantages, prices, rating and most importantly, usage of it on their own Chihuahua pets.

  • Comes in different sizes.
  • It has increased proportion of carbohydrates and proteins.
  • All the ingredients are organic.
  • No use of artificial flavors.
  • There is also no toxic agents.
  • The formula is best for small sized dogs (like Chihuahua).
  • Various flavors are there.
  • There are no such major disadvantages of this product.

As to our team members, this dog food has helped them to find the cure of weight loss, obesity, and related medical conditions. They have observed leaner muscles as well as following traits within a course of sixty days.

  • Bones and teeth of Chihuahua dogs became stronger. 
  • Immune system of these dogs became healthier.

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6. Chicken Dog Treats – Grain Free USDA Liver Meat – BIG BAG For Training or Snacks:
Top chihuahua food
Chicken treats for Chihuahua are adorable in size. They are small but not that small. Yes! Small enough to make them treaty. It has optimum quality chicken liver. Doesn’t have all those artificial colors, flavorings and smell. Moreover, it is free from gluten and has no toxic ingredients.

Scrumptious appetite for Chihuahuas can be beaten by Chicken Dog Treats – – Grain Free USDA Liver Meat – – BIG BAG For Training or Snacks. Perks of this product is not fixated to one but many. Among all the remaining advantages, one of the best one is about treating them.

Since dogs love treats and they are more than happy when given some. They feel adored, and are fun to train through treats. How cool will be the point when you are sure that the food is actually healthy.

  • It is crunchiest dog food among all the other snacks for dogs.
  • Guess what!!! You can seal it back. It doesn’t need cooling in refrigerator.
  • Kibbles are small in size.
  • Some unknown ingredients have caused side effects on skin.

According to our team members, dogs loved it to the extent that our team members had to keep them away from dogs. The smell of this snacks for dogs is simply too strong. And it catches dogs’ attention instantly.

Motivation purposes are met by this snacks. They come in handy and have enough of good features. There is a flaw of ingredients though.

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7. NUTRO Natural Choice Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Chihuahuas are small dogs who need special care and diet care. Because of this fact NUTRO Natural Choice Small Breed Dry Dog Food is best for couple of reasons:

It holds such nutritional values which are not only finely combined. But also amazing as a complete package. Formula for Chihuahuas are perfectly designed. With the appropriate size helping in removing dental problems (like that of tarter and plaque). There is no use of gluten, colors, flavorings and toxic acids. Along with all these reasons (some of them are mentioned under the section “Advantages”), there are some verdicts about the product by our team members. That will help you negate the philosophy of old thoughts who thought everything-is-good-for-Chihuahuas.

  • It is enriched in vitamins.
  • Natural, organic and optimum quality ingredients are used in the formula.
  • Has the potential to facilitate with improved immunity in the body.
  • Also stabilizes energy extremes and lowest of the lows.
  • Coat and skin of the dogs changes significantly.
  • It softens within ten seconds after taking it out from the pack.
  • According to our team, there isn’t any specific troublesome issue with this product.

Well, to be honest, our team members thought it is going to be a very different product. Because of the point where you don’t even require water or any liquid to soften it is just too wonderful. Moreover, there are so many advantages, and nothing bad was noticed. That it becomes hard to justify if it is bad at all or not. So, our stance on it is “Thumbs up” to the manufacturing team.

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Conclusion – last verdict:
We have provided most of the advantages and disadvantages (if any). Along with that, we have also done our best to give you first-hand information. For that, we had to ask our special team members to help us find the correct information.

It was a complete process which took a lot of time. But here we are reaching out to many. And keeping our promise by facilitating our research-based best dog foods.

All in all, there are some basic factors which you have to remember. Following these tips will help you achieve results in your pet dog. He or she will have healthier symptoms within a month only if you look at its nutritional balances.

Also in short, these six best dog food for Chihuahuas are best fit. What you have to remember all the time is mentioned below:

Feeding dogs is not difficult. Set alarms when you have to give food to your dogs. Never procrastinate feeding Chihuahua breed. It is because they have low appetite. Be careful while selecting a dog food. Make sure it is gluten, artificial flavors, colors and aroma free. Refrain from all those ingredients which are considered poisonous for the dogs. Along all these tips, we hope you will be able to find best dog food for Chihuahua.

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