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Best dog food for German shepherd – Top Experts Choices

German Shepherds have a peculiar sense of intelligence. Known for its versatility and ownership. Since the breed of this dog comes for working purposes, it complies with special traits. Crime squad, identifying services, research resolutions, and obedience is empowered by German Shepherds.

Best dog food for German shepherd

Best dog food for German Shepherds is readily available in the market. However, how to pick it is quite a task. The reason to it is pretty simple. You need to know ifs and buts of buying food for the dog. Answering all those questions in mind is tiresome. Read this Wiki How article about how to choose dog food.

This article will assist you in selecting food for German Shepherds. Moreover, to keep their health in a constant check. They are given proper food. Meals which produce productivity. Training and other exercises take them to the level where other breeds can’t reach easily.

Carbohydrates and high proteins are increased in the food they eat. To know which product needs more attention than others is based on the following grounds:

Calories have to match the needful – 1740 to 2100 (per day). These are stated for working dogs. Inactive and old dogs need 1250 to 1550 calories. So, whatever product you choose, it should have enough proteins and carbohydrates to fulfill the requirement.
Keeping the intake of food in mind, we have to decide rationally. A wise way to choose a product will largely depend on the vulnerability of the digestive system.
If your dog is sick, he can’t eat regular food. For that, you should know which brand provides low carb and protein food. Which brands are used for pregnant German Shepherds? How to curtail food in what amount for obese or diabetic dogs. In short, you have to know all the major points before buying food for German Shepherds.

4 Top Rated Best Dog Food For German Shepherds:

Reviews of each and every product are given by our team members. Who are specialized in the course of analyzing dog foods? I hope you will enjoy reading and trying these out.

1. Merrick Classic Adult Real Beef:

best dog food for german shepherd

Let’s discuss ingredients of Merrick Classic Adult Real Beef. It has barley, carrots, and real beef. Dogs need to rely on high protein and carbs. This is what we have highlighted in the beginning. Fortunately, this dog food is rich in both.

But what does it contain? Maybe this is what you need to know. Well, Merrick Classic Adult Real Beef has veggies, grains, and fruits combination. A dog food serving best health in less money. Yes! The price of this dog food is not hefty. However, it comes with too many perks. Want to know them? Alright, here they are:

  • The combination of ingredients works for working dogs. As well as for those which are kept as pets.
  • Complete health care for German Shepherds.
  • Beef is deboned and processed to support the prime needs of dogs.
  • Four sorts of dry foods are available.
  • All dog foods are challenged to meet AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) profiles. And the brand proudly met it.
  • Immunity is strengthened by the help of this dog food.
  • The digestive system is sharpened and boosted too.
  • Controversies have been circulated about proportions of nutrients.
  • There is no fixed calorie given in each bowl.
  • At times the proportion mentioned at the back of the bag is misprinted.
  • Meat is also taken into account.

Our Team’s Take on the Product:
Merrick Classic Adult Real Beef is an excellent dog food because of the combination of ingredients. It is good enough to provide considerable amount of meat (pork, lamb or chicken). Our team member has used this dog food on their pets at home.

And surprisingly, out of ten members, nine had experienced amazing results. Despite the fact that the tenth member couldn’t get required results, he gave half a point to the product. According to him, the dog food contained a good portion of nutrients.

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2. The Honest Kitchen Love Grain-Free Beef Dog Food:

Best Food For German Shepherd
The next best food for German Shepherds is The Honest Kitchen Love Grain-Free Beef Dog Food. Due to the name only, people get attracted. And want to try it out. Secondly, the look of the outer side/cover is simply very catchy. Making room in customer’s heart right at the first glance

The Honest Kitchen Love Grain-Free Beef Dog Food doesn’t have the traces of wheat, corn or soy. Besides this prominent feature, there is no inclusion of preservatives or artificial flavors. Some people take grain as a good component. Others simply don’t. If you like it in the dog food, it goes in favor. Else, it goes against.


Here are some of the highlighted pros and cons. With our special team’s effort to rate and give reviews on it too.

  • Nutritionally it is compatible with the dogs’ health.
  • Certified and passed by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials).
  • Best for those German Shepherds which are active, young and playful.
  • Two sizes are offered. One is 10 pounds and other is slightly more.
  • Beef is flavored with ranch.
  • No preservatives, colors or chemicals are added.
  • Meat which is included is free from antibiotics and hormones.
  • Dogs of any age and size can enjoy it.
  • As mentioned above, it doesn’t have grains. For some, it is considered good. Others think it is a negative
  • point. So it varies according to customer choice.
  • It doesn’t come in the natural kibble form.
  • You have to mix the powder in water. Make a paste. And let your dog have it.
  • Our Team’s Take on the Product:
  • It contained 514 calories in every single cup. We have followed the guidelines on how to feed dogs, etc. The price of this dog food is cheap as compare to the quality of food.


According to our special team, we have found out that:

It is one of the best food for German Shepherds.
It doesn’t come in different flavors.
All the ingredients are approved and tested.
No artificial flavors are added.
There is no finding of excessive hormones. In fact, there are no hormones used in this dog food.
Last but not the least, it doesn’t have toxic acids or artificial colors.
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3. EUKANUBA Breed-Specific Adult Dry Dog Food:

Best German Shepherd Dog Food
EUKANUBA Breed-Specific Adult Dry Dog Food comes in thirty pounds bag. It provides the basic necessities to lessen tarter. Now this is featured with a system – 3D DENTADEFENSE. What it does is quite simple. It reduces the tarter build up. And amazingly, it takes less than a month to start affecting the health. Naturally in a good way.

What does EUKANUBA Breed-Specific Adult Dry Dog Food provide? It is said that this dog food is based on the animals’ protein. That aids in making dogs leaner, stronger, and muscular. Nutrients in the food function in favor of dogs. Which means that they include fibers. Now, these fibers nurture health in a better manner. In short, fibers make the digestive system stronger and healthier.

It also contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. The price is reasonable enough. And can be afforded by people of different financial statuses. Moreover, the followings are the pros and cons. Along with the ratings by our team members and their stance on the product too.

  • It is based on plants.
  • Dry food which doesn’t mean it is in the powder form.
  • A moderate quantity of chicken and its by-products are used in EUKANUBA Breed-Specific Adult Dry Dog Food.
  • Fat and protein ratios are amazing. They are perfect in every sense.
  • Chicken is the main ingredient of this particular dog food.
  • Water retention is basically from the chicken – 80%
  • One of the worst parts about the product: it has all the organs of chicken. So much so that even beak, feet,
  • and eggs in them are added to the dog’s food. Disgusting to even read about it, right?
  • Our Team’s Take on the Product:
  • As to our team members, this product made their pets happy. One of them was happy to share the experiences he encountered. While feeding and looking after him for a month. He came to the point where he said, he has seen tremendous changes in the dog. Coat got shinier. Weight increased. The pack was finished on time. All in all, there was not a point to give it low rates. Or even think of showcasing disadvantages.


As far as ingredients are concerned, well it contains different parts of the chicken. This is the only eww moment. Otherwise, it is pretty neat as far as the product is concerned.

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4. ROYAL CANIN BREED HEALTH NUTRITION German shepherd Adult Dry Dog Food

Best Dry Dog Food For German Shepherds
Here is the fourth best dog food for German Shepherds. It comes with a combination of both, advantages and disadvantages. Part of which is based on how far you go in experiencing.

We as pet lovers, especially of German Shepherds, know that they need good food. Now, what makes food good is on the basis of three factors: prices, quality and ingredients, results, and feedback.

Prices need to be affordable. At times we tend to buy something cheap. But then the quality and ingredients are not met. When they are good, prices are high. So, when a product has all three plus points, then it is considered good.

The best part about this dog food is the ingredients, reviews, and price. They all are good. And we recommend you to go for it.

  • The digestive system is supported and nurtured.
  • The skin of dogs is assisted by the help of nutrients.
  • Affordable enough for everyone.
  • Supports bones and joints in particular.
  • For German Shepherds it is custom tailored.
  • Every breed has its own pick. And this is what ROYAL CANIN BREED HEALTH NUTRITION has aimed to provide.
  • Kibble is easy to chew. Size is neither too small nor big. It is medium-sized. Enables dog of any size eats it well.
  • Immunity is increased.
  • There is no such flaw in this product. Quite a compact food dog.

Our Team’s Take on the Product:
The special team formulated to rate and give feedback is of the following view:

According to one member, he at first thought it is just a joke to see so many benefits. But when he tried it he was amazed that it was all honest. Faking was not there. The reality was exposed. And it was amazing to see the advantages.

However, on the other hand, seeing no disadvantage was pretty alarming. Yes! Alarming. Want to know why? Well, it was alarming as to the pretending part. What he thought was, what if it is a scam. But he tried it and found magical swift changes in the dog.

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Conclusion – last verdict:
Reading about all four best dog food for German Shepherds must have given you an idea. About what to know while searching for dog food. To sum all these products, we are in a position to pass our verdict.

Dog foods that are accompanied by AAFCO – Association of American Feed Control Officials, go highest in rank. Secondly, the main ingredient (let it be meat or veggies) should be 90% used in the food. However, the frequency of water has to remain minimum.

All in all, it is your own decision about which dog food is best for your pet.

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